posty Cookbook

Chef cookbook for a full posty mail server installation withPostfix,Dovecot,Roundcube,ClamAV,SpamAssassin andPosty.


The following external cookbooks are used:

Additionally the following cookbooks must be present due to dependencies, but aren't executed:

All dependencies are automatically resolved when using Berkshelf


The following platforms are currently supported and tested:

  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Debian 7.4

Before starting the installation of the posty system it is recommended that youconfigure your own passwords (and other settings if you wish) in



This recipe can be used in multiple ways. The Vagrant method is recommended forinexperienced Chef users.

Warning: This recipe installs a complete mail server with many individualprogramms, thus changes a lot of system files. Using it on an unconfiguredsystem is recommended.

This recipe's original purpose is to provide an easy way to try out theposty-api. For usage in a production environment a manual customization/ reviewof the configuration is recommended.

Chef Server

Just include

in your node's

json{ "name":"my_node", "run_list": [ "recipe[posty]" ]}


For the development of this cookbook and to allow easy testing of the postysystem, an automated process to set up a virtual test/development machine isprovided.

Vagrant installation with Ubuntu as host
  • Download the latest Vagrant version from the project page
  • dpkg -i vagrant*.deb; apt-get install -f
    or install the deb via Ubuntu Software Center
  • vagrant plugin install vagrant-omnibus
    to install Omnibus
  • vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf --plugin-version '>= 2.0.1'
    to install Berkshelf
Bootstrapping the Virtual Development Machine

git clone posty_chefvagrant up

This sets up a virtual machine host posty-chef based on Ubuntu 14.04providing all services mentioned above.

The IP address assigned to the host is which can be changedby adapting the parameter "" in the Vagrantfile accordingly.

The setup takes a couple of minutes. After the installation has finishedyou can login to the machine by running:

vagrant ssh
The posty_api and the roundcube webmailer are reachable via HTTP and HTTPSunder the configured IP. The mail services arereachable under the same IP.

License and Authors

See LICENSE file.